Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Graduate studies at Cambridge represents a monumental undertaking. Balancing life in college and your work can therefore often take a tole on your wellbeing and mental health. To ensure that you keep your mental health in check or if you are having trouble, we’ve collected some resources which can become a starting point for taking care of yourself.

Please remember that mental health is a broad spectrum and that many services provided by college and the university are always available even if it is just for information or speak openly to someone. Also remember that mental health issues are not always visible and easily communicable, someone may be struggling without wanting to- or being able to tell.

Here are some online mental health resources, these are updated on a regular basis and include documentation and help for many common questions you may be struggling with:


Forums/Reach out


For more information about college/university services, visit the University Counselling Service webpage or get in touch with your Welfare Officers.