Current Committee

Nice to meet you!

We are honored to serve as your MCR committee as of November 2023. 

Some of us are longstanding Emma members while others are new to this wonderful community, but all of us are dedicated to improving your experience at the College. Together we form a diverse team of individuals eager to represent your interests and support your growth.

Learn more about who we are and what we do below.


Tung Nguyen

Clinician trainee during COVID-19 in Wisconsin USA, interested in low-resource medicine and disruptive innovation via technology. Former Emma MCR Swaps Officer. Emma is my home, its people my friends, advocacy my duty.

Cambridge Chemistry PhD Student, 2nd Year. US NIH Cambridge MD/PhD Scholar.


Mayowa Olagunju

 LLM Candidate; Electrical Engineer; supporter of the Arsenal FC.

Representing the interests of the MCR alongside the President.


Ben Blaker

Hi I'm Ben, I'm a Masters student studying Economics and I'm honoured to be your MCR Treasurer. In my spare time I enjoy wine tasting, gaming, treasuring, and a sprig of coxing. Drop me a message if you have any funding related issues :)

Social Secretary

Alex Abrudan

Having greatly benefited from Emma's tight-knit community as a JCR member, Alex is our MCR Social Secretary, committed to nurturing the MCR's welcoming spirit. He looks forward to organizing themed formal dinners, pub trips, formal swaps dinners with Ellen, and more alongside the Social entertainment team to bring people together and uphold treasured traditions.

Education & Careers Officer

Callum Pearman

Hi! I'm Callum, and I'm in the second year of my PhD in Earth Sciences. Last year, when not out with the Icelandic volcanoes or in the lab, I really valued the MCR education events such as Grad Talks and the MCR symposium. I'm looking forward to running these this year; reach out with questions or suggestions!

Sports Officer

Cecilia Zhou

Hi, I’m Cecilia—Cece for short! I’m from Canada and I’m here reading for an MPhil in History of Art. Having grown up swimming competitively, I now play on the university’s women’s first water polo team. Outside of water polo, I also enjoy lifting, cross-country skiing, and longboarding.

I am committed to ensuring that people of all levels of experience and ability feel empowered to participate in MCR sporting life. Staying active should be frictionless, fun, and social! Reach out to receive a gym induction and/or to ask any questions about sports at Emma.

LGBTQ+ Officer

Allison Li

Hey MCR family! I'm Allison, and I’m pursuing an MPhil in Population Health Sciences. In my free time I love to sing, cook, go on hikes (the chill ones, at least), and hang out with my pets. 

As the LGBTQ+ Officer, I hope to advocate for queer postgrads at Emma and and host lots of different events, from movie nights to volunteer days with local organizations. I love being in community with queer folks and hope to create inclusive and accessible LGBTQ+ spaces at Emma. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or if you just want to chat!

International Officer

Birukti Tsige

Hi! I'm Birukti, an Ethiopian-American and a first-year MSt student in Creative Writing. I love books (of course), desserts, small gatherings, sad music, and exercise that doesn't feel like exercise.

As your international officer, I will work to advocate for your needs, organize gatherings (with food!), and help to integrate you fully into Emma and Cambridge. Message me with any inquiries, comments, suggestions, ideas, and/or random thoughts you have!

External Events (Swaps) Officer

Ellen Schrader

Hi! I'm Ellen, a first-year PhD student at the CRUK Cambridge Institute, combining breast cancer research with machine learning. When I'm not coding or buried in MCR tasks, you can catch me exploring new recipes or spending time in nature - on long walks whilst listening to podcasts, hiking, or rowing more recently.

As external events officer, I am committed to helping Emma students build connections across colleges through activities like formal swaps. Message me if you have any ideas or questions :)

Welfare Officer

Kayton Rotenberg

From Harvard University, Kayton aims to build a supportive Emma community focused on wellness and connections. Her goals include continuing free gelato, launching new activities to spark friendships, expanding fitness offerings, and partnering with staff to identify welfare initiatives. She hopes to enhance the postgraduate experience for all students through an ethos of balance and togetherness.

Vacant positions: