Dealing with your finances for university and maintenance can often be complex and is in most cases the last thing you want to be dealing with when focusing on your studies. Nonetheless there are some important considerations to make and the college provides different resources to help you with that. More so, solutions are also available for hardship and financial difficulties to help you out.

Financing your degree and tuition

Depending on the cost of your course, Emmanuel will require you to pay tuition throughout your time in Cambridge. While tuition can be financed privately, several option exist for financial assistance:

Maintenance and living costs

Aside from your tuition costs, you will also need to finance your living costs while at Emmanuel. If you are living in college accommodation, this costs will be part of your college bill which is charged to you at the end of each term. More information can be found here.

Advice and information on what costs you will incur during your studies can be found on the University’s admissions website and on Save The Student.

Hardship fund and financial assistance

The University and Emmanuel College have several resources to help students experiencing financial hardship. At the University level, the Postgraduate Student Financial Hardship Support page provides more information on how to apply for and access aid. For support from college, several funds and bursaries are available for students to apply to, find out more on the Funds webpage or get in touch with your tutor. If you are experiencing any form of financial hardship please get in touch with your tutor as soon as possible to let them know.

Academic grants

Emmanuel also offers financial assistance in the form of grants for fieldwork and to attend conferences during your time at University. Get in touch with your tutor for further information.

Access and Emma Gives

In an effort to make Cambridge more accessible, several initiatives throughout the university and the college have emerged to offer support to existing and prospective students.