Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Graduate studies at Cambridge represents a monumental undertaking. Balancing life in college and your work can therefore often take a tole on your wellbeing and mental health. To ensure that you keep your mental health in check or if you are having trouble, we’ve collected some resources which can become a starting point for taking care of yourself.

Please remember that mental health is a broad spectrum and that many services provided by college and the university are always available even if it is just for information or speak openly to someone. Also remember that mental health issues are not always visible and easily communicable, someone may be struggling without wanting to- or being able to tell.

Here are some online mental health resources, these are updated on a regular basis and include documentation and help for many common questions you may be struggling with:


  • The Student Minds Resources webpages is a national service with free guides and programs to help with common student mental health queries
  • Mind is an amazing charity that can help you understand mental health. Whether you are dealing with something yourself or looking to support friends through difficulties, their site provides information and advice
  • The University’s own Student Wellbeing Mental Health Support page has further reading and information on how to access help in Cambridge and cope with your studies
  • Save The Students (STS) is a website that provides advice on how to deal with common student issues that can lead to stress and affect your wellbeing. They are mostly focused on money-related issues but have great advice for mental health and financial difficulties during COVID-19.

Forums/Reach out:

  • The MCR’s Welfare Form is an anonymous way of letting the Welfare team know what your current wellbeing needs or grievances are. We consider each submission and use these to either raise issues with college or organize resources and events within the MCR
  • The Student Room Mental Health Forum is an open discussion platform for students in the UK. It has great sub-forums on mental health during COVID-19 and how to take care of yourself. [Keep in mind that this is an open platform, anyone can contribute and moderation may be slow]


  • Nightline is an anonymous service to talk about trouble you may have with mental health or wellbeing. Calls or chats are confidential and they can be reached online or on 01223 744 444
  • The Cambridge Samaritans are an organization that provide emotional support to people in distress and can offer advice on how to cope with difficult situations relating to mental wellbeing. They can be reached online or by calling 116 123
  • OK Rehab is a useful UK-wide point of contact for anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, or for any concerned third-parties wishing to help close contacts (friends, relatives, coworkers, etc.) overcome an addiction.

For more information about college/university services, visit the University Counselling Service webpage or get in touch with your Welfare Officers.