Welfare In College

What to do in an emergency

College Porters office phone number

01223 334200

In the case of an emergency in or near College, you should always contact the Porters for assistance. The Porters will contact the emergency services on your behalf, and are trained first aiders. When the emergency services arrive at college, they will always ask the porters to direct them to the site.

UK Emergency services telephone number


Outside college, you chould call the national emergency services telephone number for assistance.

MCR Welfare Team

Welfare Officer Email: welfare@emmamcr.org.uk
Women’s Officer Email: womens-officer@emmamcr.org.uk
LGBT+ Rep Email: lgbt-plus@emmamcr.org.uk

A variety of issues fall into the category of ‘welfare’: finance, health, disability, child care, academic problems, sexual harassment, racism, safety, accommodation, parking your car, personal problems, overseas students, career decisions and grants. The MCR Welfare Officer is responsible for helping out graduates with these issues. Their main role is to act as a representative for Emmanuel graduates in college matters such as accommodation and safety, but they are also the person to contact if you need advice on how to approach the University about welfare issues. The Welfare Officer receives information from CUSU (the Cambridge University Students’ Union), the Graduate Union and the NUS (National Union of Students), and is present at meetings where Cambridge Students’ welfare is on the agenda.

The MCR Women’s Officer is responsible for the well-being of all individuals in the MCR, providing support and information about an array of personal issues, but with a particular focus on those issues concerning our graduate women. The Women’s Officer provides our anonymous pregnancy test service, attends fortnightly Women’s Council meetings (refer to www-womens.cusu.cam.ac.uk) and receives and distributes information about sexual health, pregnancy, domestic violence, eating disorders, breast cancer, rape, child care and events for women in Cambridge. Leaflets, posters and other information are placed on the notice boards in Front Court and in the ‘Welfare Box’ in the MCR. The Women’s Officer is there to ensure the rights of women in the Emmanuel MCR and can be consulted if students have issues they would like to be raised within college or at CUSU meetings.

College Counsellor

Ann Hughes
01223 330491
Drop-In Hours
Mondays 4.00pm – 5.00pm, Fridays 12.00pm – 1.00pm
To make an appointment you can sign up by email or on the sheet outside Room 11, 55 St. Andrew’s Street (above the computer room).
College Nurse: Diana Lloyd

All graduates must register with a doctor in Cambridge. However, for minor health problems, the college has a sick bay located at the base of E Staircase.

Diana Lloyd
01223 334296
Sick Bay, between Front Court and New Court
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 10.45 – 11.45 am; 6 – 7 pm; visits and appointments only in the evenings
  • Thursday: 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
  • Saturdays: 11.00 am – 12 noon; on call 6 – 6.30 pm
  • Sundays: 9.30 – 10 am; 8 – 8.30pm;
  • Sundays: on call only all day

Graduate Tutors

The Graduate Tutors can be contacted with college, personal or academic problems.

Jeremy Caddick – Tutor for surnames A – K
  • Jeremy Caddick is also the College Dean
Jeremy Caddick
01223 (3)34264
College Website Page:
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Dr John Maclennan – Tutor for surnames L – Z
Professor Catherine Rae
01223 742973
College Website Page:
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Advisor to Women Students

Dr. Devon Curtis
01223 (3)34206
College Website Page:
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College Tutorial Office

For everyday queries and problems about college and academic matters, the tutorial office at the bottom of B staircase should be your first port of call. They are open from 10 am – 12 pm and 2 – 4 pm. The tutorial secretary responsible for graduates is Helen Waterson (tutorial-office@emma.cam.ac.uk).

Sources of information

  • Welfare Box in the MCR – has leaflets about various topics of interest and a supply of free condoms and pregnancy tests.
  • Welfare Rack in the Old JCR – has leaflets about various topics of interest and a supply of free condoms and pregnancy tests.
  • Welfare Officer and College counsellor – both have information about support groups and are here to listen and provide support.
  • College Tutors – can provide support and advice regarding financial, academic and other problems that students may face.
  • Pregnancy tests can be requested by clicking here.