Education & Career

Education & Career Events

International Snacks – Freshers’ week

During freshers’ week, all members are invited to a meet & greet event over some international snacks and drinks. This gathering is held at the MCR room or Upper Hall. It is a great opportunity to make friends from the start of term!

Grad Talks – 4 per term

A popular event held four times per term, ‘Grad talks’ is an opportunity to exchange academic, cultural and artistic knowledge among the MCR members. Up to three talks are delivered per event lasting for 15 minutes each and followed  by Q&A. Speakers are rewarded a free ticket to a formal dinner at the college. All members are highly encouraged to attend and network over available food and drinks.

Career Evenings – 2 per Academic year

These evenings, one in Michaelmas and one in Lent, are organized by the Emmanuel College Society and open to all students, undergraduates and graduates. A number of alumni are invited to these evenings to meet with current students, answer they career-related questions and give CV and cover letter advice. It is a nice opportunity to broaden one’s network over a drinks reception!

LinkedIn Brunch 2 per Academic year

LinkedIn is a professional platform that helps people connect, find jobs and promote their work ideas. Having a profile is a great way to showcase your education, work experience, skills and more! The Emmanuel College Society offers a special seminar twice per academic year (in Michaelmas and Lent) on how to make a profile or boost your current profile and make the best use of it on the professional field. A training not to be missed over some croissants and hot drinks!

All members are encouraged to join the official LinkedIn Emmanuel College Group!

Graduate Symposium Day – Yearly 

This half-day research symposium has been for the first time in July 2019 with the support of the Master Dame Fiona Reynolds and Vice-Master Professor Barry Windeatt, who attended the event. It aims at providing graduate students with an opportunity to present aspects of their research in short talks accessible to a varied audience from the college society (graduates, fellows and alumni). A total of 18 graduates from different departments across the University participated as speakers. The event was very well received and followed by a dinner reception. We hope that this symposium will continue to be held on a yearly-basis around mid-June!