Freshers’ week 📅

The Emmanuel College MCR has a week of events and activities planned to help you get the lay of the land. We have a provisional schedule of Freshers’ week events; the canonical version will be available at We also include here the times at which meals are served in the cafeteria.

If you are due to arrive earlier, why not email and we’ll make sure you get invited along to events in the lead up to this week.

Friday 30th September

Many of you will be arriving today. You’ll undoubtedly have lots to do sorting out your accommodation and moving in, but should you require any help, we’re here for you. Here are our plans for this first day.

12–4 PM

MCR members will be available in the MCR if you have any questions or need help navigating.

8 PM

Our first MCR meet up at the Grain & Hop Store pub. This is a favorite among many in the MCR and features a great selection of beers and soft drinks. It’s on the map of Cambridge you’ll receive when you arrive (and the map in this guide). There’ll be plenty of continuing students, too. A party will depart the porters’ lodge at 8pm.

Saturday 1st October

The most important event of the weekend is the mandatory induction. But then, what else would you be doing on the first Saturday afternoon of October? International students should prepare for some intensely English experiences.

12–4 PM

MCR members will be available in the MCR if you have any questions or need help navigating.

2 /2:30 /3 PM

Tour of Cambridge, leaving from the Porters’ lodge.

4–6:30 PM

Mandatory induction in the Old Library (emphasis on ‘Old’– you won’t find any books here). You’ll receive a timetable for this event when you collect your key from the porters. Tea (also coffee) and cake will be provided.

6:30–7:30 PM

Q&A in the MCR following the induction (while the rest of the committee prepare the Old Library for dinner).

7:30–10:30 PM

Buffet dinner and quiz in the Old Library. Free food will be provided and a cash bar will serve cocktails. For non–native speakers we’d like to clarify that a quiz is not the same thing as a test. See the Chambers dictionary.

Sunday 2nd October

11:30 AM–1 PM

Sunday brunch in the college hall. Prepare for eggs as you’ve never had them before.

2 PM

Tour of College. Emmanuel is super old, and there’s plenty to see. Mostly you’ll get to learn where you can do practical things like laundry and printing; Meet at the porters’ lodge.

2:45 PM

Gym inductions at the fitness suite (22 Parkside). We’ll go there at the end of the tour; if you can’t make the tour, meet at the porters’ lodge at 2:40pm.

3.30–5 PM

Emma freshers’ fair. Drop by the Old Library to learn about the college’s sports teams, musical groups and other societies.

7 PM

Dinner with ducks. Ducks to organise. There are plenty of places to go in Cambridge on a Sunday evening; which will your duck pick?

8:30–11:00 PM

Jazz and cocktails in the Old Library. Dance the night away to a live jazz band and the finest drinks.

Monday 3rd October

This is when many courses kick off, and many of you will be occupied by department inductions and other introductory events. The MCR plans to hold a tea and cake event in the early evening so everyone can check in and compare notes from these exciting induction events.

2 PM

Computing induction in the Queen’s building. Meet our helpful computer office team before you have to ask for their help rescuing an endnote database.

6 PM

The Alexandra Arms is roughly half way between Barnwell and Tenison Rd. They also serve excellent food at a decent price. Chat with the continuing masters and PhD students over the truffle-infused macaroni cheese.

8 PM

The intercollegiate LGBT+ event is a 1980s themed night (the decade of expression) beginning in Emma bar. In the MCR will be UV paint, rippable clothing, glow sticks and hairspray. Please sign up here and buy your tickets (£8, buy) for Kuda Cambridge at 10PM. Email Jason at

Tuesday 4th October

7 PM

The Fresher’s dinner. Those of you new to Cambridge will get to experience your first formal dinner in Emmanuel’s very blue hall. This is a great chance to spend time with your fellow first years during a Cambridge ritual, one of my many you will experience. Come to the Old Library from 7pm; dinner will be served at 7:30pm sharp. Dress code is formal wear, with no gowns.

9 PM ish

Silent disco in the Old Library! These events are great fun. Headphones are issued playing a few different stations, and you can pick the one you’d like to listen to and boogie to your heart’s content. For the surrealist in you, take off your headphones and watch the eerily quiet dance floor filled with swaying and dancing.

Wednesday 5th October

There will probably be lunch at the Emma boathouse for any freshers who wish to venture over there. It’s marked on our map as Cutter Ferry House. We’ll confirm nearer the time.

8:15 AM

The MCR will invade college breakfast before lab, classes, etc.

5:30 PM

Tea and cake in the MCR. How have the first few days of term treated you?

8 PM

Film night in the MCR. Film to be decided by quasi-democratic process. Send recommendations to .

Thursday 6th October

7:30 PM

Gym inductions round two. Meet at the porters’ lodge.

8 PM

Grad talks in the Robert Gardner room. Three graduate students from Emma will give short talks about their research. This is a great way to learn about different fields and get a feel for all the tremendously exciting work being carried out by Emmanuel postgrads. Wine and nibbles will be provided.

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