Emma May Ball and June Event

May Week is the week (in June!) when all the Cambridge colleges run balls for their students to attend after exams have been held and before the long vacation.

Emma alternates between holding a May Ball one year and then a June Event the next. Both are black tie events but the Emma May Balls go on slightly longer into the early hours of the morning than the Emma June Events.

A committee is appointed up to a year prior to the event and takes responsibility for picking the theme, decor, food, alcohol etc.

Emma is taken over for a night for the May Balls and June Events, which spread over the courtyards and gardens of the college. Both the May Balls and the June Events are jam-packed with entertainment, from comedy sketches through a range of music and dancing, food stalls, drinks, photo opportunities, and random fun such as water zorbing, bull riding or shisha.

The 2014 June Event details can be found at the following link.

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