Fixing things!

If there is a problem with your accommodation, the first port of call is likely to be either maintenance, housekeeping or the computing office…


If something in a college property breaks and needs replacing/fixing, then you should contact maintenance. The easiest way to do this is by the shiny and wonderful new College maintenance log. Go to, log into Raven, and click on the spanner in the top right hand corner.

The college maintenance department are committed to keeping their houses in good working order, and will normally respond promptly to any problems reported properly. It is not recommended to simply leave the matter with the bedder. If, after a reasonable period of time, you feel your issue has not been properly resolved; then contact the buildings manager via



If you think that furniture in your room (bedsprings/mattresses/chairs/curtains etc.) needs replacing, contact the College housekeeper via You should also contact the housekeeper if you would like blackout lining fitted on your curtains.

If you have concerns about your bedder, then you should initially raise your concerns politely with the bedder directly. If this doesn't succeed however, then contact the housekeeper. The cleaning agreement between the MCR and college can be found here!


Computing Office

If you have problems with internet connection, contact the computing officer on


Last Resorts

If your problem is not satisfactorily resolved, then the last port of call is the bursar (; who holds overall responsibility for College housing.

If you are having trouble resolving any issue, we highly recommend you contact your graduate tutor; who can sometimes convince College to change its mind in your favour (the current graduate tutors, Jeremy Caddick and John Maclennan, are both excellent…).


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