Graduate Accommodation at Emma

Emmanuel has about 100 graduate rooms to offer to about 180 students. Most are in houses inhabited only by graduates, a varying distance from the main college site. The main advantages of College accommodation are living with other members of the MCR community, and cheaper rents than the private sector.

Room Allocation

The College aims to provide at least enough single rooms for the following categories of graduates:

All students on one-year courses
Accommodation for that year
Clinical Medics and Vets
Accommodated for the whole course
Diploma of Architecture
Accommodated for the whole course
Overseas and EU (not Irish) PhD students
Accommodated for the whole course
UK and Irish PhD students
Accommodated in first year

Accommodation for students starting their courses is allocated by the Graduate Tutor through a system devised by the MCR Accommodation Working Party, which was approved late in 2004.

In the Lent Term graduate students who will be continuing their course in the following academic year have the opportunity to select their rooms from a list of available rooms in an order determined by ballot. The order of priority in the ballot is:

  1. Students in the above categories,
  2. 2nd year PhD students who have only had one year in College accommodation as a graduate,
  3. 2nd year PhD students who have had two or more year in College accommodation as a graduate,
  4. 3rd year PhD students.

PhD students who are going to over-run their three years and who apply to the Graduate Tutor may be allocated rooms if there are any available at the beginning of September.


Accommodation for Couples

Emmanuel has a number of flats which are available to students of the College who live with their partners. Members who are in long term relationships can apply for a flat and College will consider each application on its own merit Priority is given to incoming graduate freshers and those incoming graduates who have come from furthest away. Since the number of flats is fairly low, it is suggested that members contact the Graduate Tutor as soon as possible if they are thinking of applying for this accommodation. A waiting list exists for when a flat cannot be offered in the first instance.


Rent Guarantee Information

A private landlord will sometimes require tenants to provide a rent guarantor, before entering into a rental agreement. This policy is often automatically applied to those whose status is "student", irrespective of income from grants or certain types of savings. The best solution to this is clearly to ask someone appropriate to be a guarantor. However, whilst most people will have someone suitable they can ask (eg parents), there can be difficulties for others; for example where the only suitable guarantors live abroad or are retired with no income.

As the college does not control or monitor the personal finances of its members, it is not usually in a position to offer this type of guarantee either. However, in the case where a college member can prove to the college that they definitely have the financial means available to fund their rent for the duration of the proposed contract, the college will be prepared to pass on this guarantee. Those wishing to seek assistance in this way should contact the Bursar (, to discuss their specific circumstances.


Domestic Matters

The rules and regulations of living in College housing are laid out in Domestic Matters.



Anyone living in college owned accommodation may have one bag per week washed for them at the hostel laundry in college (staircase H). This is regardless of whether the college house you live in has a washing machine fitted or not.

If anyone living in private accommodation would like to use the hostel laundry, they can do so on payment of 15 pounds per term. Please contact the Bursar if you would like to set up this arrangement.

Self service washing machines and dryers are located in North Court,and may be used by anyone. However, they need to be booked in advance using the sheet in the Porters' Lodge. Laundry 1 and Laundry 2 are for undergraduates and graduates and include a washing machine and dryer. Laundry 3 can only be booked by graduates but only includes use of a washing machine.

Most external College properties are equipped with washing machines and dryers.


Access to Rooms by College Staff

The current policy regarding access to student rooms can be found here.


Cleaning Policy

College housing is cleaned daily by "Bedders". The current cleaning agreement between College and the MCR can be found here.


Moving Out

When the time comes for you to leave College accommodation, it is your responsibility to inform College of your departure by using the Emmanuel College Exeat System (Raven login is required). Failure to do so will result in your paying additional rent! In some circumstances you can give two weeks' notice but in general you must give one month's notice before you leave College housing.


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