Disability accommodation at Emma

Emmanuel has a small number of rooms especially equipped for students with particular housing requirements.

Although not yet ready, an en-suite room will soon be available in Park Lodge, which also houses 13 other graduates. This room will not be wheelchair accessible, but it is hoped that it will prove appropriate to some students whose needs require a personal bathroom. This room will be allocated by the graduate tutor, Jeremy Caddick (jlc24@cam.ac.uk); please contact him for further information.

Emmanuel has three specialised, wheelchair accessible en-suite rooms on the main College site in “new south court”, which also houses around 40 undergraduate students. These rooms should be appropriate for most students with particular requirements. We note however that new south court opened in 2013/14, and suffered some severe overheating problems in the summer of 2014 which have not yet been resolved.

Currently the College offers relatively little direct support for students with disability, but this is an issue the MCR is drawing attention to. We encourage any graduate student at Emma who feels in need of additional support to contact both her/his graduate tutor, and the MCR welfare rep (welfare@emmamcr.org.uk).

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