About the MCR

What is the MCR?

The MCR (Middle Combination Room) comprises all the members of the college who already have a degree and are on a course of study at the university. Most students are either on one year Masters courses or are researching towards a Ph.D., but our members also include those on clinical, diploma PGCE courses, as well as mature undergrads and lecturer students. Members of the MCR are also automatically members of the Emmanuel College Students' Union (ECSU) and the MCR is affiliated to the Cambridge University Students' Union and the Graduate Union.

The MCR Room is a place set aside for graduates inside the Queens' Building, opposite the Lecture Theatre, in college. It is accessible 24 hours a day and contains two computers for graduate use, a television with dvd player and sky box, facilities to make tea/coffee, and a collection of books and board games.

What do we do?

According to our constitution, the MCR has four aims:

  1. To represent the views of the MCR members to the College authorities and any other body on matters concerning the interests and welfare of the MCR members.
  2. To provide amenities and entertainment for its members.
  3. To advance the education of its members.
  4. To administer and allocate funds made available to its members in their capacity as students, or as required by the MCR on behalf of its members in accordance with the objects of the MCR.

We provide social activities throughout the year, lobby the college to provide adequate facilities and support for graduate students and make our presence felt in numerous College and University committees.

Freshers' Guide

The Freshers’ Guide is written by the MCR President to give new graduates an introduction to the College and what it's like to study here.

Links to affiliated bodies

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