The Graduate Tutors

The College is responsible for the general welfare of graduate students, and any problems with accommodation, settling into College life, etc. One function of the Graduate Tutors is to look after these matters. It is important that you should feel free to consult them at any time on any matter that is of concern to you, apart from problems specifically relating to study which may be better solved through your department or faculty.

There are two Graduate Tutors in College, each of whom is responsible for half of the graduate students in College. Your allocated tutor is dependent upon your surname.

Ann Shannon in the Tutorial Office is the graduate tutors' secretary and can deal with many straightforward enquiries, e.g. provision of application forms or letters confirming status.

Rev. Jeremy Caddick - Tutor for surnames A - K

Jeremy Caddick
01223 (3)34264
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Dr John Maclennan - Tutor for surnames L - Z

Dr John Maclennan
01223 (3)31147
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