The MCR Committee

The MCR Committee exists to uphold the MCR constitution. They do this by getting involved with everything from arranging dinners and events to attending meetings to ensure that the College and University listen to what you have to say. The committee is made up of members from the current MCR community.

To find out about what each position entails and how the MCR Committee is elected, please click here.

To contact your officers by email, please click here to find a complete listing. General queries from those without a Cambridge Raven Login are more than welcome; please email the President at president[at]

LGBT+ officer

Emily Hoyt

CRSID - eah67

Social Secretary

Luxi Qiao

CRSID - lq218

Hello! My name is Luxi, and I am your International Officer! I am an MPhil student studying Clinical Neuroscience. I was born in China but moved to the US when I was eleven, and then I did my undergrad at Williams College. I love detective novels, tomatoes, and the show Friends! Send me an email if you have ideas for international events or just want to chat!


Tiago Barros

CRSID - thpdb2


Klara Kulenkampff

CRSID - kk615


Jana Sipkova

CRSID - js2335


Tomos Reed

CRSID - tlr23

Welfare Officer

Geoff Ma

CRSID - qgm20

Internal Events Officer

Mairead Dinneen

CRSID - mmd38

External Events Officer

Chiara Chiavenna

CRSID - cc868

Hi! I'm Chiara, a second year PhD student at the MRC Biostatistics Unit. My research is focused on epidemics, using statistical modeling to prevent future outbreaks. Outside the lab I enjoy hiking, taking pictures, and... having good food! Feel free to get in touch if you are keen on intercollegiate events, or just have any questions

Computer Officer

David Burt

CRSID - drb62

Accommodation & Environment Officer

Bobby Seagull

CRSID - jbs43

My name is Bobby Seagull, I'm from east London and I completed my Masters in Education (specialising in Maths). I'm now starting a Doctorate in the same field as well as teaching Maths at a local school, Chesterton Community College. I'm a big fan of football (West Ham United!) and I enjoy accumulating random (and sometimes useless) quiz trivia and general knowledge!

Sports Officer

Matthew Philpott

CRSID - map81

Education & Careers Officer

Remi Andre

CRSID - rfa29

International Officer

Georgia Roussou

CRSID - gr400

Women's Officer

Melanie Miller

CRSID - mm2237

Minorities Coalition Officer

Jonathan Ho

CRSID - jh2100

Disabled Students' Officer

Sarah Burgess

CRSID - slb95

I’m Sarah and I’m in the first year of my PhD in Cardiovascular Science. I’m passionate that all students should be able to get the most out of their time at Cambridge and that disability should pose no barrier to this.

Families' Officer

Alex Cassidy

CRSID - ajc306

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