The MCR Committee

The MCR Committee exists to uphold the MCR constitution. They do this by getting involved with everything from arranging dinners and events to attending meetings to ensure that the College and University listen to what you have to say. The committee is made up of members from the current MCR community.

To find out about what each position entails and how the MCR Committee is elected, please click here.

To contact your officers by email, please click here to find a complete listing. General queries from those without a Cambridge Raven Login are more than welcome; please email the President at president[at]

LGBT+ officer

Emily Hoyt

CRSID - eah67

My name is Emily, and I am from the USA. I am doing my PhD in Chemistry and can’t wait for an exciting four years here in Cambridge. I love rock climbing, playing ultimate Frisbee, reading in random coffee shops, and wearing a purple baseball cap backwards. I am an avid fan of the TV show Friends and am excellent at telling cheesy jokes.

Social Secretary

Luxi Qiao

CRSID - lq218

Hello! My name is Luxi, and I am your International Officer! I am an MPhil student studying Clinical Neuroscience. I was born in China but moved to the US when I was eleven, and then I did my undergrad at Williams College. I love detective novels, tomatoes, and the show Friends! Send me an email if you have ideas for international events or just want to chat!


Tiago Barros

CRSID - thpdb2

I’m from Porto, Portugal. I studied economics during my undergrad, after which I have worked in several roles in finance and management consulting. I decided to come to Cambridge to do an MBA and I am currently studying at Judge Business School. It’s a great privilege to be president of Emma MCR and to help coordinating the work of our committee. We are here to ensure every graduate student at our college has a great time and feels part of this amazing community. Do not hesitate to reach out in case you have any question and/or suggestion. Our role is to make sure your time at Emma is a great success!


Klara Kulenkampff

CRSID - kk615

Hi! I’m Klara from Dusseldorf, Germany and I’m a first year PhD student in the Chemistry Department researching about Alzheimer’s disease. In Cambridge I enjoy playing tennis, horse-riding and listening to talks about various topics. As a vice president I’m mainly supporting Tiago in his role, but I’m also open for any suggestions you have regarding our MCR community. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at a lot of events this year!


Jana Sipkova

CRSID - js2335

Hi all! Im Jana, doing an MPhil in Developmental Biology as a part of a 4-year PhD. Although Im from Slovakia, I spent a large chunk of my childhood in the US and then did my undergrad in London. I love sports, especially tennis and ice hockey, sadly I cant play the latter. This year Ill mostly be pestering you with my MCR bulletins, so please get in touch if theres anything youd like to bring up!


Tomos Reed

CRSID - tlr23

Tomos Reed is a Church of England ordinand, trainee priest, studying at Emmanuel College and Westcott House on Jesus Lane. This is his second time studying at Emmanuel. In his first incarnation, many, many years ago, he read Physics and Rowing. He recently completed the Gilmore-Fraleigh personality style profile test which identified him as “blue”, suggesting that his calling to spreadsheets is as realistic and informed as his vocation to Christian ministry. He therefore hopes to be a competent MCR treasurer. When you meet him in person he presents as a great deal less facetious than this paragraph might suggest. He is delighted to be back at Emmanuel and is very much looking forward to the possibility of being a member of the MCR Committee.

Welfare Officer

Geoff Ma

CRSID - qgm20

Internal Events Officer

Mairead Dinneen

CRSID - mmd38

External Events Officer

Chiara Chiavenna

CRSID - cc868

Hi! I'm Chiara, a second year PhD student at the MRC Biostatistics Unit. My research is focused on epidemics, using statistical modeling to prevent future outbreaks. Outside the lab I enjoy hiking, taking pictures, and... having good food! Feel free to get in touch if you are keen on intercollegiate events, or just have any questions

Computer Officer

David Burt

CRSID - drb62


Accommodation & Environment Officer

Bobby Seagull

CRSID - jbs43

My name is Bobby Seagull, I'm from east London and I completed my Masters in Education (specialising in Maths). I'm now starting a Doctorate in the same field as well as teaching Maths at a local school, Chesterton Community College. I'm a big fan of football (West Ham United!) and I enjoy accumulating random (and sometimes useless) quiz trivia and general knowledge!

Sports Officer

Matthew Philpott

CRSID - map81

I’m Matt and I’m currently in my first year of my PhD in Biomedical Materials Science. I enjoy travelling, skiing and good food. I’m also a keen rower, but generally enjoy a wide range of sports. The college has a lot to offer when it comes to sport so I look forward to helping you discover them or even creating new opportunities to get involved with! If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

Education & Careers Officer

Remi Andre

CRSID - rfa29

Hello! I’m Rémi, your Education and Careers officer. I’m a Chemistry MPhil student in supramolecular chemistry, I was born in France and did my undergrad at ESPCI Paris. Send me an e-mail if you want to co-organize an event, to give a ‘Grad Talk’ or for anything you want… I love rock’n roll dancing, ceilidhs, cooking for my friends and when people do not forget to put the accent on my name!

International Officer

Georgia Roussou

CRSID - gr400

Hi! I am Georgia, a first-year PhD student in Chemical Engineering. I love my research and innovation, start-up competitions, but once a while I need a break. I am keen on travelling, trekking and meeting new people with a completely different culture than me. I play handball and sometimes football, while I enjoy watching basketball games.

Women's Officer

Melanie Miller

CRSID - mm2237

I am Melanie and I do a PhD in chemistry in the field of solar fuels. When I am not in the lab, I enjoy traveling, running, and baking. I loved being a part of Emma from the beginning and I hope you do so as well! Please contact me if you have any problems, ideas about what you would like to improve especially for women at Emma or if you just want to chat.

Minorities Coalition Officer

Jonathan Ho

CRSID - jh2100

Im Jonathan, and Im pursuing an MPhil in Translational Biomedical Research! Im from Toronto, Canada. As your Minority Coalitions Officer, Im here to advocate for your diverse and unique needs. Please get in touch with me at if I can help!

Disabled Students' Officer

Sarah Burgess

CRSID - slb95

I’m Sarah and I’m in the first year of my PhD in Cardiovascular Science. I’m passionate that all students should be able to get the most out of their time at Cambridge and that disability should pose no barrier to this.

Families' Officer

Alex Cassidy

CRSID - ajc306

I’m a third year PhD candidate in the history faculty - I’m a cultural historian of the eighteenth century. I’m also a husband and dad - my wife’s a teacher and my son, Bertie, had his first birthday in December 2017. I enjoy long walks in the country with my family and our dogs, I’m a member of CUYC and a chapel clerk. I love my garden and veg plot, art, cinema and literature, and cooking, eating and drinking. My life is a multitasking nightmare but that’s fine - I’m always happy to put the world to rights with any fellow travellers.

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